Land Between the Lakes
September, 2020
Travel film documenting a "COVIDcation" with family to Land Between the Lakes, KY/TN
Ouro Spec Commercial
February, 2020
Spec commercial produced for the Marketing Commercials class at Emerson College
Good Will Hunting Bench Scene Reenactment
February, 2020
Recreation of the Boston Public Garden bench scene from Good Will Hunting, captured for a classmate's Advanced Directing Actors project.
Lighting Assistant
January, 2020
Lighting setups for Baolong Song's portrait portfolio. I also created two BTS videos of the sessions
Scroll & Ink Holiday 2019 Promo Pictures
December, 2019
Promotional images of Scroll & Ink Bookbinding's products for the holiday season
Midsommar Scene 16
December, 2019
Final project for the Directing Actors course at Emerson College
March, 2019
Sci-fi chase film created for the Directing Image & Sound class at Emerson College
Vor i Vaglaskogi
February, 2019
Music video for Kaleo's "Vor i Vaglaskogi" created for the Directing Image & Sound course at Emerson College
Deliver Hope Trailer
May, 2018
Redesign of the sound of a video game trailer. This was a final project for the Sound Design course at Emerson College
April, 2018
A post-apocalyptic action film that I wrote, produced, directed, shot, and edited
November, 2016
Miscellaneous photography in the Boston area from 2016 - 2019
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