Fresh out of film school in the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, I sought out opportunities to safely utilize my skills in lockdown. The result was a brand documentary for Scroll & Ink, a handmade bookbinding business. The completed video coincided with their 10th anniversary, and in many ways this project became a monument to the growth of the business.
The filming consisted of an interview followed by several sessions of b-roll shooting, documenting the many stages and techniques of the bookbinding process. I favored a handheld camera for the b-roll, seeking a sense of immediacy and natural presence. Throughout the project I emphasized the rich browns, natural greens, and pale blues that are a core element of Scroll & Ink's brand.

The completed brand essence documentary

I also created two montages for social media to keep the 10th anniversary campaign momentum going. These were compiled from the extensive b-roll I captured for the main video, and each spot focused on a key material Scroll & Ink crafted into her handbound books.

The Paper Process

The Leather Process

This project also became a milestone marker for my growth as a videographer. Comparing the quality of this video to similar projects about Scroll & Ink from years past has made that clear. The biggest difference is certainly the lighting; introducing and modifying light sources with professional tools has enabled me to produce substantially more engaging and evocative cinematography.
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